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Choosing your Camping Hammock

Written by Curtis Nelson

Making the decision to embark on your journey with only a hammock in tow could be a tricky one. However, it presents travellers a whole new set of camping experience that they can enjoy. The lighter load can significantly make things easier during your hikes.

Just keep in mind that the challenges you’ll be facing with your hammock will be altogether different from your regular experience with a tent. Of course, it all depends on picking the right camping hammock for your trip.

This article seeks to help you with that conundrum. It provides readers with a rough guide on how to properly choose their hammock. Listed below are the important things you need to consider when choosing your travel hammock.

  • Purpose

    – This is the first thing you need to take into account. How will you be using your hammock? Is it for lounging purposes or will you be using it to sleep at night? This is because there are several types of hammocks to choose from and they can vary in terms of durability and warmth.

  • Weather and Environmental Conditions

    – This is very important as different hammock types can provide different layers of protection for their users.

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